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Introducing Congressional Candidate: Joshua Collins


“I am running for Congress because I believe the needs of working class people are not the same as the agenda of the corporations, financial institutions, and rich oligarchs who have bought our government.”

Joshua Collins on his campaign website

The 2020 Democratic primary race is already heating up with more than 20+ candidates joining the race to win their parties nomination for a chance to challenge Trump for the presidency (assuming he is the Republican Party’s Nominee). Though it seems the party establishment wants to interfere in this primary as well.

The fight for control of the Senate is barely any different with 34 seats up for grabs, Republicans having to defend 22 seats, as Democrats have to defend 12 seats. There are certain toss-ups I will be covering later on as 2020 grows near. Such as the senate race going on in Alabama and Arizona.

Today, however, I will be looking at one specific millennial candidate, running for Congress in the state of Washington.

Joshua Collins is a 25 year old Democratic-Socialist currently working as a truck driver. While he may not have an impressive background, his bid being considered a long-shot, Joshua has shown that he is more than capable enough of handling politics, running on a strong progressive platform.

Collins supports the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Free College, raising the minimum wage to $20/hour, and a Justice System Reform. You can read more about his policies on his campaign website.

Democratic Rep. Denny Heck (WA-10) during a Cable News interview.

The young candidate has spoke out against Denny Heck (D), the current representative of Washington’s 10th district, and Joshua’s primary opponent, for taking corporate money and donations.

Denny Heck is serving his 4th term, having easily won re-election with more than 60% of the vote. Although Heck votes in favor of his party and supports LGBT+ rights, Heck has a record of accepting money from oil companies, gasoline companies, and the health care industry. Heck is also publicly against the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Collins has only been accepting money from small donors, and has stated he will NOT take any money or accepting any donations from big corporations.

As of May, 2019, Collins has raised $11,587 from 342 small donations. Collins is very active on social media, especially on his campaign Twitter and Facebook. Though there is still quite a while until the primaries, Collins has already set an ambitious goal for his campaign.

Note: I acknowledge I did not went into depth about his policies. This article was simply to introduce Joshua Collins as a candidate. I will report more about his policies in depth in a future article. Meanwhile, learn more about him through this article.